How can you help?

It takes so little to make a positive change in the life of a child in need in Puerto Rico! You can also be part of the work of America Developing Smiles of Puerto Rico with an economic contribution or with hours of your time by participating in our Volunteer Program

Your financial contribution can be channeled as a student scholarship where you can contribute ¼ of an educational scholarship for $250 a year, half scholarship for $500 and a scholarship for $1000. Although this money does not cover the total educational costs that are close to $2000 per child per year, your contribution will impact significantly.

Since the organization is run by volunteers it does not have administrative expenses, hence 100% of your contribution goes directly to the programs and areas of focus of our work. Moreover, your contributions to America Developing Smiles are deductible 100% of the payroll.

Provide an online donation, 100% safe and now 100% deductible from your return.

How to Donate

• Online Donations

You can donate using your credit card. Access here:


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Donations are deductible at 100%!

The tax reform of 2011 introduced significant changes for individuals and corporations who want to make donations to nonprofit organizations.

100% of donations paid during the taxable year may be considered nondeductible contributions on your return.

To qualify:

Eligible organizations must be classified as non-profit entity by the Department of Finance.
Individuals may deduct 100% of donations made up 50% of your adjusted gross income
Corporations and companies may deduct 100% of donations made up 10% of your income

Special Projects

America Developing Smiles de Puerto Rico has developed different initiatives, seeking the support of private and governmental organizations, and the non for profit sector.  ADSPR looks for these supports in order to help fund its after school workshops and its programs.  It strengthens its labor through cooperative alliances and the natural synergy of support.

America Developing Smiles organizes workshops to promote improvement and personal as well spiritual development of its volunteers.

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Art Projects

We’ve joined initiatives to promote the different expressions of the arts. Studies have demonstrated that from an early age, children benefit from cognitive process of development, and improving their writing, reading and comprehension skills.

With “Arts and Smiles”, our in-house arts program of early intervention for children and young teens at risk, we seek to prevent juvenile delinquency and other difficult social problems.

Community Impact

The new basketball court of the school Maria Auxiliadora, inaugurated in 2013 at a cost of $170,000, promotes the healthy recreation and entertainment in the school’s children and youngsters. It supports the school-community integration as well as the preventive policy and elements of social control.

We join our efforts in the promotion of projects and recreational activities which advance recreational habits in the community, within an educational framework of joy and fun, as well as through healthy, entertaining and satisfactory processes toward the increase in learning and an improved social and cultural human growth.