We are a nonprofit organization with a solid commitment to helping children and young adults with limited economic resources. We believe in education’s growth capabilities to resolve social problems. Therefore, we help support schools and youth organizations in need of financial resources, or develop programs to support their regular curriculum.
How We Can Help Our Kids?


Education Approach

In over one decade of work, over 1,000 children have benefit with our new educational opportunities.

Infrastructure Improvements

Over one decade, we have invested over $200,000 in significant capital improvements to create a better school environment that fosters growth and development.

Volunteer Development

As we have developed new programs, our volunteers have developed new leaderships skills.

Community Outreach

We are committed to helping women and parents of our communities with supporting programs aimed to help their kids and family environment.

Program Development and Initiatives

To strengthen our our organization’s mission, America Developing Smiles of Puerto Rico seeks different initiatives and support from individuals, institutions, and NGOs looking to support our educational program and areas of involvement.

Women Volunteers

The women who volunteer for America Developing Smiles work hundreds of hours every year and are the ones who take on the responsibilities needed to achieve our mission of service and solidarity for the community. To this date, each women volunteer donates America Developing Smiles more than 200 hours each year. There are various ways of getting into action. Of course, we would like to have you.


You can also be a part of our work. You can either donate our student scholarships or programs or you can even provide some hours of volunteer time for either community ourtreach, organizational support and event logistic.

Our Events

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Christmas Luncheon & Toy Drive 2023
Toy Drive 2022
Toy Drive 2021
Stilettos, Sip & Give 2019
Share Joy, Give a Toy! 2018

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America Developing Smiles of PR (ADSPR) is a nonprofit organization with federal status as a 501(c)3 and registered with the Department of State in Puerto Rico. Since 2007, a group of women volunteers from ADSPR embarked on a charity, love, and leadership mission to work for Puerto Rico’s most challenging social causes.

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Donations are deductible at 100%!

The tax reform of 2011 introduced significant changes for individuals and corporations who want to make donations to nonprofit organizations.

100% of donations paid during the taxable year may be considered nondeductible contributions on your return.

To qualify:

Eligible organizations must be classified as non-profit entity by the Department of Finance.
Individuals may deduct 100% of donations made up 50% of your adjusted gross income
Corporations and companies may deduct 100% of donations made up 10% of your income

¡Las donaciones son deducibles al 100%!

La reforma tributaria de 2011 introdujo cambios significativos para las personas físicas y jurídicas que desean realizar donaciones a organizaciones sin fines de lucro.

El 100% de las donaciones pagadas durante el año contributivo pueden considerarse contribuciones no deducibles en su declaración.

Para calificar:

Las organizaciones elegibles deben estar clasificadas como entidades sin fines de lucro por el Departamento de Finanzas.
Las personas pueden deducir el 100% de las donaciones constituidas por el 50% de su ingreso bruto ajustado.
Las corporaciones y empresas pueden deducir el 100% de las donaciones constituidas por el 10% de sus ingresos

Special Projects

America Developing Smiles of Puerto Rico also develops different initiatives searching for support from private, governmental, and nonprofit organizations to raise funds, help our extracurricular educational program and strengthen our organization’s mission with co-operative alliances and workshops.

Supporting the Arts

We’ve always supported art initiatives because studies have shown that practicing art from an early age benefits a child’s learning and cognitive process. It helps their writing, reading, and general understanding. As a result, we’ve established “Arts and Smiles,” our very own prevention and early intervention program for young children and children who are at risk, so that we can prevent future juvenile delinquency and other social problems of our society.


The construction project for Colegio María Auxiliadora’s new basketball court rooftop promotes a fun and healthy environment for the children. It also helps promote a better community and school integration with preventive politics and social control. 

Join our efforts in promoting fun educational projects and activities that encourage even more recreational habits in the community, like teaching healthy and appeasing practices that increase every individual’s social and cultural growth.